Faderpaard 2020

Stallion inspection
9-10-11 january 2020

Friesian Proms
9-10 january 2020

Friesian Proms compilation (short)

Faderpaard compilation

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Photos Stallion inspection


It is a story that seems to come straight out of a fairy tale book: Mirusia’s mother sent a recording of her daughter to André Rieu and this changed her life forever. Her performance at FRIESIAN PROMS will add yet another chapter to this fairy tale.

André Rieu recognised and acknowledged Mirusia’s talent and invited her to join in his concerts which allowed her to demonstrate her singing talent to vast, greatly impressed audiences including Royalty and famous persons. For already ten years now she has shown off her vocal talent in numerous countries.

By now Mirusia, married to a Dutch man and is a proud mother of a wonderful daughter called Sascha, has built a solo career.


The organisation of FRIESIAN PROMS had already tried to contract Mirusia in the past but her busy schedule made this impossible. But now it is going ahead and in January Mirusia is set to travel from Brisbane (Australia) to Leeuwarden for the sole purpose of giving a performance at FRIESIAN PROMS.

Anything from classical to pop: evergreens from musicals, pop songs with a classical twist and famous classical melodies. With her interpretation of well-known songs and surprising own works Mirusia easily conquers the hearts of many. We are convinced she will charm the audience at FRIESIAN PROMS.

Mirusia: ‘I have collected many experiences over the years but this looks like it´s going to be a truly one-of-a-kind. What a special concert show, this combination of music and horse acts. I am so looking forward to it!’