Faderpaard 2020

Stallion inspection
9-10-11 january 2020

Friesian Proms
9-10 january 2020

Friesian Proms compilation (short)

Faderpaard compilation

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Photos Stallion inspection

GONZALES HORSE SHOW – Sélyne & Jérémy Gonzalez

Amazing talent and astonishing harmony, grace and partnership between human and horse. All that is what the French equine sport artists Sélyne and Jérémy Gonzalez demonstrate with their horses in the GONZALES HORSE SHOW. Being true music lovers and with a show that´s brimming with music, FRIESIAN PROMS suits them down to a T.

Meanwhile the pair have extended their activities across the French boundaries and are much in demand and highly praised for their modern, innovative style and light-footed gaiety of their performances.

The shows combine a variety of ingredients from various disciplines, such as freestyle, High equitation dressage, impeccable technique and their famous act The Dancing Horses with – and without bridles – and last but not least a touch of comedy.

FRIESIAN PROMS & Gonzales Horse Show

Both have admitted to finding it exhilarating and quite a challenge to perform to the tunes of live music by The Symphonic Music Connection instead of being accompanied by pre-recorded tape. It’s also exciting for the horses who are not used to live music. It’s probably just as well they are trying to find a few ‘cool’ Friesian horses on location to integrate in their show!