Faderpaard 2020

Stallion inspection
9-10-11 january 2020

Friesian Proms
9-10 january 2020

Friesian Proms compilation (short)

Faderpaard compilation

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Photos Stallion inspection


The Gibson Brothers, for over 40 years a household name, can boast a vast audience and have earned a very special place in the international music scene. At our next FRIESIAN PROMS the Gibson Brothers are taking us back to the 80s and 90s.

The Gibson Brothers Chris, Patrick and Alex were born on the Antillean island of Martinique and have been living in Paris for many years. Their career kicked off in 1976.

In 1976 they scored the first hit with their first single COME TO AMERICA which immediately hit the music charts with number 1 places in France and Italy. The following years brought even greater successes with for instance hits like NON STOP DANCE, CUBA, OOH WHAT A LIFE and their best success ever QUE SERA MI VIDA. These all raced to the top of the charts all over Europe and the USA. That makes The Gibson Brothers the first band to have ever achieved that. Not long in the waiting were Awards and Elections like ‘Band of the Year’ in England.

It’s a matter of course that other artists would become interested in working together with them. The well-known Dutch producer and DJ Ben Liebrand was no exception and they have worked together on various occasions.

The Gibson Brothers are still going strong and are highly-sought after for performances in many countries within and outside Europe. Any performance by them is a sure guarantee for a swinging experience.

Party time guaranteed!



The brothers don’t know the next best thing about horses so this is where the organisation comes in, but creating a great party atmosphere is right up their street. The vast majority of spectators will certainly know or recognize one or several Gibson Brothers’ hits so it’s going to be a feast of recognition. The music will bring back memories for many…

Their performance will get an extra dimension with the live musical accompaniment of The Symphonic Music Connection, who commented as follows: ‘Very exciting for us!’