Faderpaard 2020

Stallion inspection
9-10-11 january 2020

Friesian Proms
9-10 january 2020

Friesian Proms compilation (short)

Faderpaard compilation

Photos Friesian Proms

Photos Stallion inspection


 Gert van der Vijver was the first Dutch sand artist and hasn’t gone unnoticed outside our national borders. His specialty is a fascinating expression of art: sand painting. We can already give away that Gert van der Vijver is going to illustrate the overture, or opening of FRIESIAN PROMS 2019. In what way and how exactly cannot as yet be revealed but it is beyond doubt that it will be very special indeed.

Gert tosses, scatters, and pushes sand on an illuminated glass plate and with magical skills conjures up all sorts of pictures. This art form will be shown live by direct projection.

A magical scene and visual spectacle!


FRIESIAN PROMS & Gert van der Vijver

FRIESIAN PROMS without a sand surface for our Friesian horses to parade on is unthinkable. In the upcoming edition, sand plays an important part. Think of the performance by Hessel & Tess that invokes associations of warm beach sand running through your fingers.

Add to that Gert van der Vijver who will give the audience an experience of how fascinating and impressive this sand art form can be and sand will forever have a different connotation.