About Elske DeWall

Who knows what other surprises she may have up her sleeve! And Friesian horses? ”Lovely! I´m looking forward to finally meeting them”.

Landing a recording contract with your very first demo happens only to a select few. But it happened to Elske DeWall. Since then Elske´s career has taken quite a few turns. Her trade mark: Soul songs showing clear influences of gospel, folk and modern country. Elske is a popular musical guest in the TV programme DWDD and has had interesting engagements with people like Jonathan Jeremiah, Lionel Richie as well as the Metropole Orchestra.

Elske DeWall has been into music for as long as she can remember. She started taking piano lessons at seven, next she played the saxophone for a long time and finally opted for the guitar. This coincided with the discovery of her singing talent which secured her a place at the Academie voor Popcultuur (Academy for Pop Culture, ed.) in Leeuwarden. In 2008 she was a co-producer of the project ‘Leonard Cohen in Friesian’ and this memorable year was closed with the signing of a recording contract with Universal Music.

In February 2010 Elske DeWall´s debut album was launched with the evocative title ‘Balloon Over Paris’: an album covering songs of pure pop. In 2011 Elke´s second album ‘Brave’ was released and she had a crowded concert calendar. Meanwhile Elske was composing the title track for RTL TV series ‘Moordvrouw’. Her third album ‘Velvet Soldier’ arrived in 2016. In ‘Velvet Soldier’ Elske takes you on a journey through songs about love, the transience of things and determination. And this determination is what won her an invitation to take on the role of Maria in The Passion 2017, which she acted out in an impressive way. In the live TV broadcast from Leeuwarden she sang two songs in Friesian ‘In Nije Dei’ and ‘Wer bisto’ and the Dutch songs ‘Dat ik je mis’ and ‘Heb het leven lief’. The next day this last one hit number 1 in the iTunes Top 100.