About Douwe Bob

Last year on May 6th Douwe Bob´s third album ‘Fool Bar’was released, named after the bar in his own home in the Amsterdamse Pijp. In the past few years the successes of this young man from Amsterdam kept coming in swift succession. In the wake of his successful cooperation with Anouk which resulted in the hit ‘Hold Me’, his second album ‘Pass It On’ immediately hit the number one place in the Album Top 100. The summer hit ‘Sweet Sunshine’ can be heard on the radio ever since. For him and his band completely sold–out venues are the standard throughout the country.

Last year he represented the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Festival with his hit ‘Slow Down’; he brought the roof down at Pinkpop and went on a tour with his band. On February 13th 2017 Douwe Bob was awarded an Edison in the category ‘Best Pop’. On March 25th 2017 Douwe Bob and his FOOL BAR XL played in a fully-booked AFAS Live. “Live performances are the most satisfying. Me and my musical friends hop onto the bus and we tell our stories to the audience”. One thing is certain: his concerts always end with a big party!