About Belinda Vermeer

Belinda will perform a duet together with Alessandro Safina. Sounds promising! And Friesian horses Belinda, where do they fit in? ”I think they´re gorgeous, but I´m a little uncomfortable with horses. Yet, I´m not walking away from them!”

Belinda Vermeer was born in Haarlem in 1990. Her vocal range comprises up to five octaves and she has specialised both in classical as well as light musical genres. She sings famous compositions from Opera, Musical, Film and Operetta like ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ and ‘You raise me up’ from the Crossover genre. Jazz songs by for instance Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole as well as little gems from the oeuvre of Dutch music. Examples are moving titles such as ‘Mag ik dan bij jou’ by Claudia de Breij and ‘Ik hoor bij jou’ by Marco Borsato.

Singing is everything to her and she has literally been doing this for her whole life. To everybody´s astonishment she started humming melodies when still a baby and just a toddler she could be seen in the front row of the Haarlem Children´s Choir. At nine she enrolled in a musical education and aged ten she was given the lead role in the musical ‘Olivia’. Later Belinda acted in the musical ‘Kunt u mij de weg naar Hamelen vertellen meneer’ and many other productions including performances for members of the Royal Family.

In 2011 Belinda decided to continue under the name of Opera Familia in liaison with mezzo soprano Carla van der Veldt and baritone Paul van der Veldt. In the wake of their TV debut on the programme ‘Holland´s got talent’ numerous concerts and performances followed both within and outside the home country, including three successful theatre-concert tours and the Popularity Prize 2012.
For their performances they travel as far as the Far East, the Middle East, Eastern- and Western Europe. In addition to her activities for the Opera Familia , Belinda joined the second theatre tour of LA The Voices in 2012, acting as soloist singer in unison with their lead singer/song writer Gordon.