Faderpaard 2020

Stallion inspection
9-10-11 january 2020

Friesian Proms
9-10 january 2020

Friesian Proms compilation (short)

Faderpaard compilation

Photos Friesian Proms

Photos Stallion inspection

Friesian proms

10 - 12 January, 2019   •   WTC Expo Leeuwarden
Three-day spectacle with
lead role for
the Friesian horse

Stallion inspection

An unique experience

VIP cards for the Stallion Inspection and FRIESIAN PROMS

Get the most out of the event with a VIP table seating six persons. You have access to all daytime inspections and can visit FRIESIAN PROMS on the evening of your choice.

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The KFPS organises a variety of events which showcase the multitalented aspects of the Friesian breed, with the annual event FADERPAARD as its most prominent happening where traditional inspections and Friesian Proms fuse together and result in a superb encounter with the Friesian horse.

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Your stand in the shopping village

For years on end FADERPAARD has been known for its sociable shopping village where numerous companies from both equestrian as well as related fields come to promote their products. For this event the best Friesian horses and over 25,000 enthusiasts from all continents flock to this annual meeting in Leeuwarden.

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